IAAF Inside Athletics – Caterine Ibarguen: ‘My passion for athletics runs in my veins’| News – IAAF

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In the latest episode of IAAF Inside Athletics, Olympic triple jump champion Caterine Ibarguen of Colombia explains how she feels like a different person when she steps on the runway.

“The passion has always existed,” says the IAAF Female Athlete of the Year. “It’s something that runs in my veins. When I compete, I feel happiness, I feel a connection with the crowd, like they can feel what’s on my mind.

“In fact, off the track I’m not able to act the same,” adds Ibarguen, who is competing at the Pan-American Games this week. “I don’t often watch the videos because I feel like it’s someone else on the track competing. But I like it. I like what I do on the track, it’s something natural for me, it runs in my veins and I just love athletics.”

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